Notification M.Phil Allowance Clarification Federal Government

Notification M.Phil Allowance Clarification Federal Government

Notification M.Phil Allowance Clarification Federal Government:

Government of Pakistan, Finance Division has issued Notification No. F.No.3(6)lmp/2016-Vol-11-4 Dated 04-01-2017 regarding M.Phil Allowance Clarification.

According to this Notification, The   undersigned  is  directed   to   refer  to  Finance  Division’s O. M.No.F.3(6)Imp/2016-336, dated 01-07-2016 and to state that various quarters have approached Finance Division to enquire whether the M. Phil Allowance as allowed under Finance Division’s O.M. referred to above covers those cases also where the employees concerned acquires/possesses an educational qualification equivalent to M. Phil Degree duly recognized by Higher Education Commission(H.E. C). It is clarified that O.M. dated 01-07-2016 has explicitly defined that all those who acquires/possesses the degree of M. Phil recognized by the Higher Education Commission (H. E.C) will be allowed M. Phil Allowance @ 25% of the existing amount of Ph.D. Allowance @ (i.e. Rs.2,500/- per month).

2- Other degree or qualification, whether having an H.E.C. equivalence or not, is not admissible for the allowance.

M.Phil Allowance is admissible only to those employees who possess/acquires the degree of M.Phil recognized by the HEC and there is no provision about admissibility of such allowance for other qualification equivalent to the M.Phil Degree.